Swimmers Convert Into Lesbos

Alisa and Susanna were excellent swimmers at their school, though they
preferred not to bother with competitions. Having been friends for years,
they did a lot together – swim, go to the movies, go looking for and
finding boyfriends, etc.

The two of them sat side by side, dangling their legs in the warm water,
one day, when Alisa came upon an idea.
“You know what?” she interrupted the temporary silence. “I have a new
idea for swimming. Here, take my hand.”
“What do you mean?” Susanna inquired. “I want to show you something.”
Alisa replied.
Susanna looked down and took Alisa’s hand. “Now,” Alisa said, raising her
hand, “suppose we could swim together, like this?”
“That’s wierd!” Susanna replied. “I’ve never tried that before.”
“Let’s give it a try.” Alisa suggested. “It could be fun.”
“How would we swim?”
“Use our legs.” Alisa answered, looking at Susanna as if she had no common
sense. “You know, like when we’re in bed with our boyfriends..”

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