Sexy Pool Lesbo Games

“Cut that out!” Susanna laughed, pushing her playfully. “We’re in public.”
“No one can hear us.”
“I know, but still..” Susanna flashed an evil grin. “You’re right. The way
I work my boyfriend with my legs, I bet I could swim better with them..”
“Then let’s go!” Alisa suggested. She slid into the water, and waited
for Susanna.
Susanna slid in behind her, and they waded to the center of the shallow end.
Then, joining hands, they began swimming towards the deep end.
After a few goofups and mishaps, it worked, and they were able to swim the
length of the pool, while holding hands. Others looked and pointed at them
for a while, then went on with their own lives.

In the women’s locker room, Alisa and Susanna dried off, and got ready to
get dressed.
Alisa was 5’10”, blonde, with a well-built body and breasts with light
pink nipples. Susanna was 5’6″, with tan skin, light brown nipples, and with
a smooth, shaved crotch. Both were very shapely women, but Alisa seemed
to loom over Susanna, and as Susanna said to Alisa many times, she could
probably take much bigger cocks than Susanna..