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“Alisa.” she called softly. “Yes, Susanna?”
“Do you think you can move your thighs and rub them against me while I’m
making love to you?” she asked. “It would feel so good, for me, if you
“I’ll try…”
“Thanks.” With that, Susanna moved deep between her thighs, and brought her
face against Alisa’s cunt lips.
She thrust her tongue into Alisa’s cunt, and gasped. She tasted sweet,
and her scent was wonderful. She was wet, and hot.
Alisa’s pelvis bucked tensely, as Susanna introduced her cunt to a woman’s
tongue, for the first time in her life. “Oh, Susanna…”
“Mmmmmm,” Susanna moaned, as if she was in the throes of sexual passion,
Alisa wrapped her legs tightly around Susanna’s head, stroking her gently
with the insides of her thighs. It actually made Alisa even hotter. She
moaned her lover’s name in a way which made Susanna move her own hips against
the bed. And finally, Alisa gripped and fondled her breasts, as she felt
her own pleasure building up within her.
Susanna stroked her lover’s thighs as she ran her tongue up and down Alisa’s
slit. She brought out her love button early, and occasionally, made slow,
gentle love to it with her tongue, before going back and checking to see
how wet and aroused Alisa had become, between her pussy lips.
After several minutes of simple, gentle tongue work, Alisa moaned, “Susanna,
I want to come.”
“No problem.” Susanna said, looking up from her oral work site.
Susanna began to lick and suck Alisa even harder and faster, wagging her
head from side to side and up and down, as she worked her lover’s pussy.
“Ugnnnn!” Alisa groaned, bucking her hips. She wrapped them tightly
around Susanna’s head, and clamped.
Susanna instinctively opened her mouth over Alisa’s pussy, and kept her
tongue on her clit, as Alisa launched into her orgasm. Alisa’s orgasm
made her incredibly wet, and Susanna could feel juices seeping down her
tongue, when she moved it down to work her inner labia.
Then, Susanna came. She buried her face in Alisa’s crotch, and proceeded to
have her second orgasm, which contributed to Alisa’s.