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lesbian virgins
Nikki moved her hands down. “Don’t take your panties off…” Tess requested. “Mmmmm, okay.” Nikki replied, opening and closing her eyes as she lost and regained control of her senses. She moved her hand into her panties, positioning it over Nikki’s hand, and let the movement of Alisa’s hand, dictate hers as well. The fire inside her, raged like an inferno, as her contractions grew stronger, and her cunt grew wetter. “Are you almost there?” Nikki asked. “Yes.” Tess stared into Nikki’s eyes, and urged her hand to continue stroking her. Her breath came in louder and louder gasps, as her contractions multiplied in strength. The pleasure inside Tess, was like an explosion building in megatonnage, waiting impatiently to happen. When Nikki slipped a finger inside Tess’s cunt lips, Tess cried out softly, and began to buck her hips. Her orgasm was racing its way through her, about to express itself physically, as Nikki removed her finger, and began stroking Tess’s cunt with her hand again. Tess screamed out when she came, clenching Nikki’s hand between her legs. Her inner thighs grew wet as she orgasmed, and then Tess realized that she was flooding Nikki’s hand. She pulled her hand away, and knelt on the floor for the rest of her orgasm. As her vaginal muscles contracted with pleasure, she leaned forward, gasped out loud, and then leaned back as the contraction ended. She did it all in perfect rhythm, as her orgasm was very rhythmic. Juices squirted out of her pussy, and ran down her thighs, making her panties useless.

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