Lesbian Virgin

lesbian virgin
When she took the latex cock out of her vagina, her juices followed, creating a wet spot on the bed, as she licked the cum off of both vibrators. Then, she joined Alisa, pulling her head out of the pillow, and kissing her passionately. “Did you cum?” Alisa asked her weakly. “Sure.” Susanna responded. “I even licked the vibrators clean for you.” “Oh, shit.” Alisa groaned. “I never EVER came like that before in my whole fucking life. Where is that monster cock..” “Here..” Susanna said, handing it to her. “It’s the most wonderful companion I’ve ever had, especially during the hard times.” “Can I take it home?” she asked. “Sure.” Susanna replied. “Just don’t let it get lost up there.” “Aw!” Alisa laughed, whacking at her girlfriend with a pillow, before they curled up into each others arms for a nap.

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