Lesbian Tease

“Alisa? You really look out of it.” Susanna said, rubbing her shoulder.
“You did breathe well when we swam, right?”
“Oh, sure.” Alisa reassured her.
“Muscle tension?” Susanna suggested.
“Yeah,” Alisa replied, “my legs.”
*Really?* Susanna thought. *Then maybe I can massage them. And then I’ll
know for sure if you’re really on the fritz because you’re thinking of me.
Heaven knows I’m thinking about you.*
“You know I give good massages.” Susanna suggested.
*Aw, no!* Alisa screamed in her mind. *Oh, shit. Why did I walk into that?*
“Well, I’m not sure, Susanna -”
“Get dressed and come on over.” Susanna said. “I’ve got free time today.”
Alisa took a deep breath as thoughts of being massaged, gave way to a
split-second thought of Susanna’s long, slender fingers working inside her
cunt. Now, her cunt lips were moist.