Lesbian Sex

lesbian sex
“You could see it plain as day.” Susanna replied. “I mean, she had her bra
on, but she was all on one guy, and then she was all on the other. I came
over to dip in after they dragged their tired asses out of here, and I
could see some of somebody’s load, floating -”
“Oh, please!” Alisa cried.
“I’m serious!” she said. “And they cleaned it up and never went after
those guys.”
Alisa laughed and turned her head, stifling an outburst. Then, she
gasped, turned back around, and reached down under the water.
“What’s wrong?” Susanna inquired, pulling up in front of her.
“I’m gonna cum..” Alisa said, breathing hard. She turned the vibrator a
little past half strength, and then laid back, gripping the edge of the
pool, as her hips bucked.
“Try not to scream..” Susanna cautioned her.
“FUCK.” Alisa replied. She clenched her teeth and thrashed about in the
water for several seconds, beating the edge of the pool with her fists,
before finally relaxing and sighing deeply. Her shoulders sagged, and her
breaths became more controlled. Then, she gingerly removed the vibrating
lover from her satisfied pussy, and handed it to Susanna.