Lesbian Seducion

Lesbian seduction
How this girl was turned into a lesbian
“I just want to help you make an open-eyed, informed decision about this, Alisa.” Susanna said caringly, to her. “I really do care about your feelings. Really – it would be really crummy to make love to a woman who’s still scared of the whole thing, and then I’d feel crummy afterwards if she felt ashamed of the experience, because I could have helped her avoid it, or at least deal with most of it beforehand. I like my lover to be sure of herself and our relationship, as well as willing to come back, not just someone I can grab and fuck. That’s the way *men* fuck.” Alisa thought about it for a second, then laughed. Then, after a moment of silence, she said, just as they pulled up to Susanna’s apartment, “Thanks, Susanna. I really am sure I want to go through with this.”

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