Lesbian Seducer

Alisa admired Susanna as they took off their bikinis. But that was only
momentarily. She caught herself looking at Susanna’s body from behind, and
then went on with her own business. Susanna never did mind coming in from the
pool, taking off her bikini, exposing her body, drying off, and getting
into fresh, dry clothes, in front of Alisa. Alisa was the one who would
rather change clothes elsewhere, mostly because her heart seemed to beat
faster when she saw Susanna’s naked body.
“Whoops.” Susanna gasped. “I forgot; my bag tore yesterday..”
Alisa heard her whispering to herself. *Shit,* Alisa thought, *she’d
put her clothes in my bag. She’ll need to come over and get them..*
She refused to give a voice to the sense of enthusiasm towards the
situation, a voice which knew that Alisa would inadvertently come up close
to Susanna’s naked body, either as Susanna came to get her clothes or Alisa
brought them to Susanna.