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Susanna took Alisa’s hand when they got out of the car, and led her into her apartment. When they got inside, Susanna held Alisa’s hand up, and looked at her sweaty palms. “You’re sweating like crazy, Alisa.” “I know.” Alisa whispered back. Susanna drew her close and, holding her gently in her arms, she kissed Alisa gently. They closed their eyes and Alisa tipped her head down, to press against Susanna’s lips. Susanna wanted to escalate the nature of their kiss, so when they disengaged temporarily, she sucked her own tongue dry; if Alisa accepted a French kiss, Susanna figured, it would be better to make it as dry as possible – not so wet in the beginning. Then, as they kissed again, Susanna gently urged Alisa’s mouth to open. When Alisa obliged, Susanna slowly pushed her tongue into Alisa’s nervous mouth. At first, she just touched Alisa’s tongue, then slid over it, and then, when she judged that Alisa wouldn’t jump back or be offended, she slowly entwined her tongue with Alisa’s.

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