Lesbian Lovers In The Pool

Alisa chose to be considerate and take her bag to Susanna.
“Oh, Susanna, your clothes.” Alisa said.
“Thanks.” Susanna replied emphatically, turning towards Alisa. Alisa saw
Susanna’s luscious, naked beauty, and as she bent over to gently take out her
girlfriend’s skirt and t-shirt, she blushed and her heart beat even faster.
She realized it as she stood up, but it was too late then, to hide her
flushed chest.
“Hey, Alisa, you’re blushing.” Susanna commented. “What’s the matter?”
Alisa did not expect to actually be *called up* for her blushing! Susanna’s
words caught her by surprise; Alisa opened her mouth to say something, but
couldn’t say a thing.