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“Here, let’s switch.” Susanna said.
“Okay,” Alisa replied. “Turn your back to me and pull up close.”
Susanna took the smaller dildo out of her cunt, and handed it to Alisa, and
they switched – Alisa filled her cunt with the smaller one, and Susanna
filled her yet unsatisfied pussy with the bigger vibrator. Then, she
backed up towards Alisa, and as Alisa worked the smaller dildo in her
pussy with one hand, she began thrusting the vibrator up and down inside of
Susanna’s pussy.
Alisa turned the power on, and began thrusting harder into her smaller
girlfriend’s vagina; Susanna started to bounce up and down in reaction to the
pleasure inside her. Ignorant of any observers, Susanna began gasping,
twisting about, and squeezing her breasts through her bikini top, as the
vibrator, with the help of Alisa’s hand, fucked her furiously.
Then, she gripped her thighs and arched her back, and had her orgasm. She
could barely keep herself from crying out, as her incredible contractions
rocked her body.
When it was over, she turned around, the vibrator still working inside
her, and floated on her back. Alisa, suddenly alert, moved towards her,
and eased the exposed monster cock from her pussy. Susanna’s juices spilled
out along with the device, into the water, as she twitched strongly from
the withdrawal of the vibrator.