Lesbian Kunnilingus

First Lesbian Kunnilingus
“Well..” Susanna tried in vain to say it in a roundabout way, “yes.”
Susanna looked away for a moment.
“Hey,” Alisa said, standing up and taking one of Susanna’s hands, “I’ve been
dealing with the same thing for a long time, now. Damn, Susanna, you’re just
too damned irresistible..”
Susanna turned and looked up at Alisa. “I’m sorry if I’m causing you to
feel uneasy. It’s wrong for me to drag you into this.”
“I’m not really sure about that.” Alisa replied. “I was having some
thoughts of my own. The thing is, it felt better to endure them, than to
keep shoving them into oblivion. And I was having some good thoughts.
It’s just that I’m not.. you know..”
“A lesbian?” Susanna blurted. “Well, yeah.”
“Hey,” Susanna took one of Alisa’s hands in both of her own, “you don’t have
to be. Everyone knows you love men. It’s called bisexuality. Some of us
enjoy men and women. Maybe you need something a little softer and gentler,
every now and then?”