Lesbian itch

Her First Lesbian Itch
I found the clasp for her bra in the front, and undid it. There is something exciting in taking off another woman’s bra. An anticipation, a quickening, my stomach gave a little quiver. I pushed the straps off her arms and it too fell to the floor. My hands quickly went to her breasts. I started rubbing around the base of her breasts and made squeezing motions around and up until I reached her nipples. Her nipples were hard when I reached them. I flicked them with my thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them. I felt them with them base of my hand and with my fingers. I wanted to suck them so badly. Ellen was making a sound from the bottom of her throat. It started out as a moan but soon began to be a purr. I was making this lovely lady purr! I wanted to know what other sounds she would make.

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