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“Oh my God! I missed my exam!! I can’t believe I slept through it!!” These were the words that began one of the most bizarre (and wonderful) experiences of my life. It was about five weeks into my freshman year, and I had a Literaure 110 exam at 9AM. I spent most of the previous day re-reading the chapters and class notes, but around seven I got too sleepy to carry on. So I curled up under my blanket and headed for dreamland. My roommate, Samantha, sat on her bed reading a Biology text. “Zonin’ out Sandy?” “Yup”, I responded sleepily. “‘Night. I’ll be quiet. Promise.” She winked at me with the last words and turn back to her reading. Sam was a pretty good roommate. I was happy living with her and we got along well. She had a quick wit and a great sense of humor. Often she’d have me laughing when she said something that wouldn’t be funny if anyone else said it. We didn’t do a lot together but managed to have a good time whenever we did. She was studious. Spent most of her evenings studying in our room. I had the impression that she was smart, though we hadn’t had exams in any classes yet. Sam got along well with the girls on our floor, but didn’t seem to hang out with them. When a group of us got together to party or head off downtown, she stayed behind.

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