Her First Lesbo game

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I broke away and took her by one hand. “C’mon pussy cat, let’s go to your bedroom and continue this.” I think that she was still confused about what we were doing. Lord knows that I was new at this seduction thing, but I also knew how badly I wanted her. Without another word we went to her room.Once there, I took her in my arms again and tumbled her onto the bed. I had to suck on those nipples. I started kissing her on her mouth, but I quickly started to move to her neck. I nibbled on the side of her neck for just a moment then lifted myself enough so I could skim down to her tits. Her nipples were erect and waiting for my mouth. As I began to suck on her right nipple, Ellen inhaled sharply, then let out her breath in one long slow sigh.I spent a few moments just playing with her breasts with my mouth. I kissed them, and flicked the nipples with my tongue. I sucked first on one nipple, and then on the other. I bit them gently, I bit them harder. Ellen’s hands were in my hair stroking it, playing with it. That purr was coming from her throat again.

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