Her First Lesbo Experience

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Just as Susanna had said before, all but the base of this massive vibrator,
disappeared into Alisa’s pussy.
Alisa took hold of it and held it deep in her cunt, and began to milk it.
Her pussy made incredible squishing sounds as she milked and lubricated the
thing. Then, Susanna turned the vibrator knob to low power.
The vibrator whirred with a deep, bass purr, inside Alisa’s hot, wet pussy.
“Fuck!” Alisa said. “That thing feels good! Turn it up some!”
“Okay..” Susanna said, shocked by how much Alisa was taking.
She turned it up to half power, and then Alisa began moaning and rotating
her hips slowly. Then, Alisa took Susanna’s hands off of the vibrator, laid
back, and laid still with the vibrator running, deep in her pussy. Susanna
fingered her dripping pussy while Alisa massaged her breasts, allowing her
pussy to churn and slurp the pleasure device in her cunt.
“Ohh,” she moaned, “it feels so good, just letting it run like this..”
Susanna took the smaller dildo, licked Alisa’s creamy lubrication off of it,
and proceeded to mount it. The latex cock slid so deep into her hungry
pussy, she could have shoved it all the way in, had it not been for the
crotch piece and straps. As she pumped it in and out of her wet, slurping
pussy, she stroked her clit, and moaned softly, as she started to bring
herself off.
Meanwhile, Alisa played with her luscious breasts while watching her
pussy juices flowing down the giant shaft vibrating in her love tunnel.
She gasped and bucked her hips, her nipples stood out like miniature
bullets, and she sweated profusely, as the monster cock fucked her on its
own. She laid on her side, began thrusting the thing in and out of her at a
rapid pace, and took the final plunge towards a devastating orgasm. She
groaned and was completely unable to articulate words, as her contractions
grew exponentially in strength. Her pussy slurped the fake cock so loudly
that Susanna could hear it from where she was laying.
Finally, Alisa couldn’t take anymore, and to signal the onslaught of her
orgasm, she thrust her hips forward and her inner muscles, contracting
strongly on the vibrator, began pushing it out.