Her First Lesbian Pickup

lesbian pickup
Meanwhile, Susanna stuffed the other dildo, independent of the strap-on
apparatus, into her pussy, leaving very little of it outside. Only the
fake balls on the base of the latex toy, kept it from being sucked in
completely. Then, she pushed out into the center of the pool, and reached
out to Alisa.
“You kidding me?”
“You can’t move yet?” Susanna said. “Okay, I’ll wait ’till you get used to
“FUCK..” Alisa groaned. “It’s too big for me to think about moving.”
“Suit yourself.” Susanna said, twirling about in the water.
“You wanna try it?” Alisa laughed, turning her hips slightly as the
vibrator fucked her insides from underwater.
“Wouldn’t even think of it.” Susanna replied. Her feet hit the shallow
bottom, at the deep end, and she began bouncing off the pool floor.
“Okay, then.” Alisa nodded, now giggling.
Then, after she pulled her bikini panties over the protruding part of her
dildo, Susanna began to swim slowly, moaning softly as the dildo, worked by
her vaginal and leg muscles, fucked her insides on its own.
“I wonder if they’ll mind us cumming in their pool.” Alisa said with surprise.
“No more than they did when one of the female administrators was taking
two guys at once, in this same pool.” Susanna responded. “Remember that?”
“You still think she was being screwed?” Alisa said.