Her First Lesbian Attraction

attracted by girls bodies
I guess my sex life began one day during the summer of my nineteenth
year as I was doing my chores. I was in my brother’s room putting away
his clean clothes, and I found a stack of pornographic magazines in his
underwear drawer. Out of curiosity as to what could be so great about
things like that, I swiped them and went to my room.

I shut and locked my door, then sat down on my bed and started looking
through the magazines. There was picture after picture of nude or
semi-nude girls in erotic poses, and stories from readers about their
various sexual exploits.

After reading and looking for a while, I started thinking that if sex
was as exciting and mysterious as these magazines made it out to be,
then maybe I was missing out (I guess that for the first time I started
getting horny). I began to wonder how my body compared to the bodies
of the girls in the pictures, so I took off my clothes and knelt before
my full length mirror with the magazines spread out before me.

I looked pretty good. My hair was shoulder length and reddish-blond,
my blue eyes, and my lips were full and soft. My five-foot-two form was
smooth and firm. Being summer, I was tanned a rich brown aside
from milky white triangles over my smooth round ass, soft blond pussy,
and pert, peach-sized breasts. My thighs and calves were firm and curved.

I started playing in front of the mirror–trying out the poses that the
girls in the pictures were in. In the course of this I was touching
myself in ways I’d never been touched before, and my body responded.
My nipples got hard and my skin tingled, and then I came to a picture of
a girl with her legs apart, left hand cupping a breast, and the right
rubbing her pussy. When I tried this pose I guess I changed my life.
Massaging my pussy felt good in a tingly sort of way, and as I continued,
it grew wet and the sensation slowly increased.

The thrill of watching me please myself took me over, and I lusted after
my own body. Licking my lips, I let go of my tit and used my free hand
to fondle myself all over. I ran my hand over my face and licked my
fingers, then rubbed my tits again and teased my nipples.

The feeling in my pussy was building to extasy and spreading through
my body. I looked in the mirror and realized that I was slowly bucking
my hips against my hand, and I increased the motion. I spread my pubic
lips apart and made little circles around my aroused clitoris with my
middle finger.

My skin burned, and I was sweating. I knew that something big was going
to happen soon and I yearned for it. The extasy burned at the center
of my being. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, and arched my back,
thrusting my breasts at the image of myself in the mirror. With what
seemed like an endless sudder of intense pleasure beyond what I’d ever
dreamed possible, I had my first orgasm, and came.

I sank into a wet heap, relishing what I’d just experienced. My fingers
were slick with my come, and I sucked each of them clean. I loved the
taste of my sex.

It wasn’t long before I ached to do it again. I laid on my back and
brought my knees up touching my shoulders with my feet in the air.
This way I had a great view of my pussy. I spread my lips apart and
slid a finger into my tight but lubricated little puss. This felt great,
and I started slipping my finger in and out while rubbing my clit with my
other hand. Due to the state of pleasure I was already in, and combined
with the erotic joy of getting myself off, it wasn’t long at all before
I came again.

When the shudders ceased, I spread my excess wetness into my inner thighs
and breasts. After panting quietly there on the floor, I sat up and
started looking through the magazines again. I realized with surprize
that I had gotten horny looking at photos of nude GIRLS! Was that normal?

I looked at the pictures. Each of the models was a fleshful fantasy of
curves and hot, wet, lust. I was excited by them, and I decided that if
any girl could get herself off the way I did by looking at other girls,
then she should do it as often as possible.

My hand strayed to my pussy again, and I started fantasizing about
how romantic it could be to be with another girl while we were both
getting off. I was slowly turning pages and thinking about which of
the girls would be hottest to be with, when I came to a pictorial that
brought home all the wildest dreams I was having. It was a spread of
two girls in bed together.

The pictures got me so horny that I came two more times in a daze
of extasy as I stared at them. The girls were licking each other’s
pussies and tits (at the time I could only imagine how utterly erotic
that would feel).

My mind painted pictures of pleasure that made my head swim, and I longed
to live the dream.

With thoughts of myself and another girl licking each others bodies for
an orgasmic eternity, I came again, and collapsed exausted.