Her First Lesbian

Her First Lesbian
“Thanks, honey.” Alisa whispered to her.
“Let’s see if you can take my toy.” Susanna said, kissing her again.
Susanna started with the small dildo, strapping it on and kneeling so that
Alisa could sit in front of it, and begin sucking it. She coated it with
saliva and generally sucked it like she could a man’s cock; she cuddled up
to it and became lost in giving the fake penis a long, drawn-out blowjob.
Finally, Susanna urged her to let go of it. Alisa looked up at her
girlfriend with a broad smile, and then laid on her back as Susanna got up on
top of her. Then, as she pressed the strap-on cock against her crotch,
Alisa gripped it in her fingers, and drew it into her pussy.
The dildo slid into her with ease, and as Susanna pulled her into her loving
arms for a kiss, she began thrusting into her love tunnel. Alisa closed
her eyes as the thick cock stroked back and forth in her clutching pussy,
its wide, ribbed shaft touching and pleasing millions of nerves inside her.
“Ohhh,” Alisa gasped, “it feels good. Fuck me faster.”
Susanna thrust faster and faster with the strap-on cock, kissing Alisa
passionately as she fucked her. Finally, when she could hear Alisa’s
pussy slurping on her toy, she propped herself up over her lover, and
slowly withdrew from her.
“Let’s see if you can handle the big one.” Susanna said.
She took the bigger one, the vibrator, and as Alisa gaped at it, her
breasts heaving with heavy breaths, Susanna pressed it against her entrance.
Surprisingly enough, the head of vibrator made it inside Alisa’s pussy,
and the shaft followed.