Girls first kiss

Then the music changed tempo. Something slow came on. Ellen stopped,
and took a swig of wine. But I swayed over to her, still wanting to
dance. I put my hands on her waist and drew her back into the middle
of the room, keeping my eyes locked on hers. Soon, she started to
dance with me putting her hands on my shoulders. She didn’t seem ready
to break eye contact. As the dance continued, I pulled her closer. Our
hips met, swaying together to the slow beat. Our upper bodies came
slowly together, our tits pressing against each other. Finally, I
leaned forward, opened my mouth and started to kiss her.She kissed
back at first, maybe out of habit. Then suddenly she pulled back, and
half pulled out of my arms. “Kathy, no. We shouldn’t be doing this.
Why are we doing this?”