Firsttime Lesbian

Firsttime Lesbian
Alisa wanted to finger herself, but getting dressed was a priority. She
imagined Susanna sucking her off, thrusting soft, slender fingers into her
cunt, and working her breasts with the other hand. She also thought of what
it would be like to nestle her head between Susanna’s legs, and give Susanna
an orgasm. Suddenly, the idea of working Susanna’s cunt, was pleasurable,
rather than repulsive.
“Mmmmm,” she moaned out loud, as she slowly slid on her skirt.
Susanna looked back. “Enjoying?”
“Oh, yeah,” Alisa replied.
Susanna came over and gently slid a finger up her skirt from behind. Alisa
stood still as Susanna pushed her panties aside, and slid a finger up into her
slit. Then, Alisa pushed back on Susanna’s hand, as Susanna gently stroked
Alisa’s labia, and then pushed up into her vagina.