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Jessica Lynn & Sammie Rhodes Age: 21
Her First Lesbian Sex Episode 188
Archive-name: Samesex/laycamp.fff Archive-author: Lisa Archive-title: Lay Camp Being without a man made me horney as hell. Not a night would go by when I didn’t have to indulge in lengthy masturbation in the seclusion of my bed. Once my hungry fingers reached the lips of my love mound, I’d close my eyes, bite down on my tongue and begin to rotate the fingers against the tip of my clitoris. This went on and on until the sheet beneath my butt was soaked and my pelvis was arching in circular motions. When I’d finally orgasm, it was powerful enough to send me right to sleep. And because I needed that sleep, too, because, since my divorce, I had to work to support myself. If I had my choice, I guess I would rather have worked at a Manhattan health spa. Still as a counselor at a “Fat Farm” for young women, I made out well. The hours were good, the money great, and Upstate New York is a lovely place to spend a summer. My former husband had gotten me the job. He wasn’t about to increase my alimony and I have deliciously expensive taste. Hence a job was necessary. He said I would enjoy it. What the hell-my degree is in physical education and I am in better shape now then when I was when I got out of college. And for two and a half months in the summer, it was a quick $8,000. Little did I know how satisfying it would prove to be sexually, too. Along with Pamela, the veteran counselor, I met the bus in town. I had expected to see a dozen young women, with fat hanging all over them, stepping off of the bus, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these girls in reasonably decent shape. Not decent enough for their debutante parties, I was told later- and that was the main reason for their being here. They wanted to drop 15 or 20 pounds each, then slip back to Manhattan for their parties. We were not painfully sever with them. They followed a low-calorie, high protein diet and the pounds melted away. Their days were spent swimming, playing badminton and horseback riding. For those so inclined, I gave some tennis lessons. To make it seem less like a Fat Farm and more like a resort, the counselors did everything the girls did. We slept, showered, ate, and exercised together. Although I was ten years older then most of them, the age difference didn’t seem to make any difference. After a particularly warm session on the tennis courts, my two pupils and I retired to the shower. Stripping the wet whites from me, I noticed Ellen, a lovely and sweet 18 year old, eyeing my body. It sent a chill down my spine and I pretended not to notice. My breasts stand straight out. Although they are not large, they are lovely, I know. Boys-and some men-used to call my nipples “silver dollars”, and, I must admit, they are extra large. I tossed my jogging bra on a bench and turned toward Ellen before sitting down. She blatantly staring at my tits, and my nipples started stiffening. Kicking off my shoes and pulling my socks off, I stood again and unsnapped my shorts. I pulled them off, along with my white cotton panties, and stepped out of them. “Are you going to the sauna?” Ellen asked. Her eyes kept jumping from my breasts to my crotch, almost as if she could not control herself. “That’s a good idea, EL,” I told her. “How about you?” She nodded yes and started undressing. The three weeks she had been here had very good for her. A tall girl, she had trouble with putting weight on her thighs. Between the diet and exercise, it melted away. I watched her as she turned from me and began undressing. She pushed her shorts and panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. As she was bending over to pick them up, I looked at her pussy. I wondered to myself if she had ever been eaten, and then I wondered even more if she would like me to make a meal of her. The thought of it got my juices running and I grabbed a towel and headed for the sauna. Once inside, I scooped cool water and poured it on the steaming rocks, grateful for the first rush of heat to hit my face. Pouring a few more scoops of water on, I sat on the first level of seats and waited for Ellen. Presently the door was pulled open and Ellen stuck her head inside, twisting it from side to side to see who else was there. “Just me”. I told her, smiling at her as she stepped in. She was carrying her towel, and it gave me an opportunity to see how well she was doing with the program. A natural blonde,her pubic hair matched her head, and her once-heavy thighs had been trimmed to perfection. As she started toward the benches, her large breasts swayed with her gaint. How I would like to capture those nipples in my mouth! I thought , and again, my pussy warmed to my thinking. She climbed up to the third level, spread her towel, turned, and sat facing me. Obviously, our both being nude did not bother her a bit. She stretched her legs out in front of her-almost inviting me, I thought, to peek between her thighs. She ran her hands down the tops of her thighs, then up the inside, pulling them away before they touched her pussy. “Oh, it feels so good in here, I might stay until suppertime,” she said. “A good session in the sauna will do that to you,” I told her, turning to her. “And if you top it off with a long, cool shower, you’ll feel absolutely divine.” “I feel divine right now, just being here with you, Miss Lisa,”she said”Is that okay? I mean your the only counselor I really feel I can trust. I haven’t anybody I could talk to in a long time.” Of course it’s okay”, I told her,”and I’m happy that you feel that way. I’m not really close to anyone on staff here, and I could use a good friend, too. Girl talk is just as important as tennis lessons, I think” “Well, there are some things I want to tell you that might shock you, Miss Lisa. I mean, would it be okay if we talked about sex?” “Look, Ellen, the first thing you must do is stop calling me Miss Lisa-at least, when were alone together. And remember, Ellen, I’m almost older than you are. There isn’t anything you could say that would shock me,” I told her. She seemed to heave a sigh of relief, her large breasts rising and falling. “No?” she asked a smile. “What if I told you I think you have a beautiful body and that you’re a very sexy woman? Would that shock you?” I felt my pulse quicken and I wondered if this young girl sensed what I felt about her, that I would love to teach her to love another woman’s body. That I wanted to hold her, press her breasts to mine, and kiss her as only as another women could kiss her. I tried to act as composed as possible, but, at the same time, I wanted to continue the conversation. I stood and faced her, spreading my legs and lifting my arms to shoulder height. Slowly, I turned in front of her, enjoying the performance. Her eyes were glued to my body as I slowly twirled before her. After two turns, I sat again. “No, Ellen, that would not shock me. I enjoy my body and I’m pleased that you think it’s nice. Yours is, too. Would you like to show me?” Without hesitating, she stood up and started down the benches. When she got to the floor, she put both hands on my shoulders, pulled me to her and kissed me lightly on the lips. Then she pushed me backwards until my knees touched the bench. Obediently, I sat down. “I’d love to show you”, she said with an excited smile. She kneeled before me, spreading her thighs and leaning backwards. Her hands went to her breasts and she cupped them, squeezing her light brown nipples. “These are my breasts, Lisa”. She said, her breath quickening. “And boys love to suck on my nipples. When I bathe and I’m feeling sexy, I squeeze them just like this and I pretend a boy is squeezing them. But since I’ve been here, I’ve been dreaming that you were the one making my titties feel so good.” She continued to squeeze her breasts as I watched fascinated. Her nipples stood up stiffly and I longed to take them into my mouth. Her fingertips went to her nipples, circling the hardened tips, pushing them from side to side. She let her hands slide down to her waist and, lifting herself, pulled her legs out from underneath. Spreading her legs, her hands began stroking her inner thighs. “And these are my thighs, Lisa,” she said. “I’ll let a boy touch me between the thighs once, but he was so rough that all he did was hurt me. Now I touch myself and it feels wonderful, and I dream that your hands are caressing me there-and that you don’t stop there.” I was beside my self with pleasure. Here was this beautiful, young woman, laying on the floor, her legs spread in front of me, practically begging for me to touch her. I knelt between her legs and watched as her fingertips worked their way to her slit. She rubbed her fingers up and down either side, and I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips. My own pussy was dripping while I watched her spread he pink lips. Her little clit stood straight up, waiting for my tongue and I lowered head to her thighs, giving her little bites along the sweet pussy juice I could lick from her. “Oh, Lisa,” she cried, “Kiss me there, please! Kiss me there!” I pushed my tongue out and started licking her slippery lips-just teasing her, really-and enjoying my self immensely. Her breathing had become ragged and her hands went from her pussy to her breasts. As I licked her slit, harder and harder, she pinched her own nipples, moaning softly. With my fingers I spread her pussy lips and drove my tongue deep into her cunt. She tasted so sweet, so young and so delicious. I started sucking on the swelling cunt lips, swallowing all the juice I could draw into my mouth. I rolled my head back and forth, sucking and pulling on her pussy while her screams grew higher and higher in pitch. Finally, I spread her lips with my fingers, pulling them apart, to feast on her tender clit. It stood at attention as I flicked my tongue over and around it, all to the delighted squeals of Ellen. Feeling that she must climax soon, I kissed clitoris, sucking it between my lips and whipping the tip of my back and forth across it. “Oh Lisa I going to come!” she screamed, her hips flailing out of control. I pursed my lips, drawing her swollen clit into my mouth, and sucked harder-so hard I thought I would hurt her. Then she climaxed in my mouth, her thighs tightening around my shoulders, her hands pushing my face deeper in her thighs. She was shaking uncontrollably, her breath ragged and mixed with cries. Finally, she quaked until I thought she would pull her cunt from my mouth. And then it was over, she relaxed, her legs falling open, her hands and arms collapsing at her sides, her breath slowing to deep regular beats. I lifted my head, my chin dripping with her love juice, and looked at her pretty face. A slight smile played across her mouth, her eyes closed and she seemed so contented. It was not to last. After a minute or two, her eyes opened, she looked down at me and smiled broadly. “Jesus Christ, Lisa”, she said, “I knew it would be good, but I never knew it could be this good! Can I do it to you, now?” “We don’t have time right now, darling,” I told her. “If we don’t get out of her fast, they’ll be looking for us. Meet me tonight at the boat dock and we can both do it again.” She laughed as she rolled away, grabbed her towel and reached for the door. “See you then”, she said, blowing me a kiss. As she left, I lay down myself. I knew the other counselors would join the girls at dinner. If I were to relive the hunger in my own wet cunt, I would have to do it now. I spread my legs and began to stroke my inner thighs, thinking about how beautiful, the young pussy I had just finished sucking. Her taste was still on my lips as I licked them, and my fingers reached my swollen cunt much faster than usual. I set about frigging my dripping cuntlips, dreaming of Ellen as I listened to the soft slurping of my snatch. I dipped my fingers into my pussy, rolling them around, collecting the wet juice that Ellen would taste later that night. I rubbed the cum on my asshole, pushing my finger in a little at a time, while my other hand pushed and pulled at my cunt. When I finally got my finger pushed up all the way up my asshole, I jammed my other hand into my cunt. My fingers, separated by membrane, rubbed together. Again dreaming about sucking Ellen’s pussy, I frigged my clit and my asshole simultaneously. The passion was building up and up, and my thighs spread even further of their own accord. I pinched my clit as I felt my climax starting to build in my cunt-and it sent me into a frightening climax. My hips jerked and slashed the empty air, my moans becoming louder as the electric thrill coursed through my fingers and into my pussy. With a final quake, I jammed my fingers up my ass and into my cunt, loving the squishing and slippery feel. I was so caught with my own orgasm, I hadn’t noticed the door. It was wide open-and standing there in it was Ellen. With three friends. I gasped audibly and pulled my legs together. I didn’t know what to say. Would they report this to the senior counselor and have me fired? Would this cost me my job and the elegant lifestyle I had become accustomed to? I need not to have worried. Ellen stepped into the room, bent to me and cupped breasts in her hands. She kissed me fully on the lips, her tongue pushing between my lips to caress the inside of my mouth. “Sorry to peep like that, Lisa,” she said. “But Annie, Fran and Kathy just didn’t believe it. They wanted to come down to the boat dock tonight too”. And they did. —

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