Blondes First Lesbian Sex

I was horny for the rest of the afternoon. While I was driving
myself home I kept finding my hand reaching up to caress my nipples
through my swim suit. When I got home I rushed right up to my room and
closed the door, leaning back against it as I closed it. I looked
across the room at my mirror and watched myself as I reached behind me
and untied the straps to my swimsuit’s bra. First the back, then the
neck. As the bra dropped to the floor, I reached a hand to each tit.
My nipples always get very sensitive when I get horny. I started with
the palms of my hands, just caressing my nipples, around in circles.
First one way, then the other. Then my hands closed on my whole tits.
One in each hand, I squeezed them from the base outwards, like I was
milking them. My thumb and forefinger grabbed each nipple momentarily
as I squeezed and it seemed that each squeeze was felt from my tit to
my pussy. I reached my left hand down and rubbed my pussy through my
bottoms. They were wet, and not from swimming.

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