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“Oh my God! I missed my exam!! I can’t believe I slept through it!!” These were the words that began one of the most bizarre (and wonderful) experiences of my life. It was about five weeks into my freshman year, and I had a Literaure 110 exam at 9AM. I spent most of the previous day re-reading the chapters and class notes, but around seven I got too sleepy to carry on. So I curled up under my blanket and headed for dreamland. My roommate, Samantha, sat on her bed reading a Biology text. “Zonin’ out Sandy?” “Yup”, I responded sleepily. “‘Night. I’ll be quiet. Promise.” She winked at me with the last words and turn back to her reading. Sam was a pretty good roommate. I was happy living with her and we got along well. She had a quick wit and a great sense of humor. Often she’d have me laughing when she said something that wouldn’t be funny if anyone else said it. We didn’t do a lot together but managed to have a good time whenever we did. She was studious. Spent most of her evenings studying in our room. I had the impression that she was smart, though we hadn’t had exams in any classes yet. Sam got along well with the girls on our floor, but didn’t seem to hang out with them. When a group of us got together to party or head off downtown, she stayed behind.

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Later, I got up and called home to tell them that I would be
spending the night with a friend. We spent the night together, and got
together as often as we could all that summer. When I went to college
that fall, I lost track of Ellen, but I always will remember her

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Her First Lesbian Threesome

Her First Lesbian
She laughed at that. Then she dropped her braid and moved her hand right to my pussy, moving around more or less at random. “Does this feel as nice to you as it does to me?” she asked. I moaned in response. She started moving her hand with purpose then, back and forth, in and out, slowly building up speed. She brought her mouth down to my breasts. I felt the heat starting to build in my pussy, then spread up into my belly and my breasts. I couldn’t keep my legs still, as she increased her speed and moved further in to me. Then the orgasm crested like a wave and I think I let out a little scream. My pussy clenched on her fingers, and then I came again, and again, while she kept it up. Finally I could take no more and grabbed her hand to stop her.I pulled her down on top of me and held her for a long time after that. Neither of us wanted to move much, just a little stroking.

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Her First Lesbian XXX

Her First Lesbian XXX
“It feels nice, explore all you want.” “I’m sure this isn’t your first time. Have you done this much before? You don’t look like a dyke.” I laughed. “C’mon Ellen, your smarter then that. Some women look like `dykes’ because they like to. My aunt seduced me for the first time this spring, and she certainly didn’t look like that. She looked as normal as you and me.” She was playing with my breasts now. Feeling them, squeezing them, rubbing them, playing with the smallness of them. She flicked her head and brought her braid to the front. With the end of it she tickled my breasts and my belly. I shivered. “Oh, Ellen, you can explore me any time you want.”

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She reached forward with her mouth and met mine, and our tongues went back and forth between us. I pushed my mound into her, and started moving back and forth, sort of like a man would, rubbing my pussy into her’s and her’s into mine. My hands were on her ears, and her neck, and feeling her beautiful hair. Her hands roamed my back, finally settling firmly on my ass, squeezing, pulling me closer, moving in rhythm with me. I moved faster as I felt a climax building, then sighed, and collapsed as a small orgasm moved through me. Ellen pulled back a little and looked at me for a second, then whispered, “Lie back Kathy. It’s your turn. Or maybe it’s my turn.” She smiled. As I rolled over onto my back, she pulled her skirt off and tossed it on the floor, then turned on her side to face me, propped up on one arm. “You’re very pretty you know,” she said. I just shrugged. Her hand started roaming my chest, feeling my nipples, skirting down to my belly, almost to my pussy. “I’ve never done this before, with a woman, I mean. I’d like to just explore a little,” she said as she briefly reached my pussy.

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When she opened her eyes again and looked at me, I slid off the bed and stood up, still mostly between her legs. She propped a pillow under her head and watched as I unhooked and unzipped my skirt and dropped it and my panties to the floor. My pussy was soaking. I climbed back onto the bed, and on top of Ellen, between her legs, pussy to pussy. “Kiss me, Ellen”!

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I watched her, my eyes up, as I brought my mouth down to her. She kept her eyes on mine until I reached her pussy with my tongue. Then her head went back with an intake of breath and her eyes closed. I like to start at the top of a woman’s slit, teasing, promising, licking and wiggling my tongue. “Oh, Kathy,” she breathed. I moved to the sides, licking where she had shaved, recently, near her thighs. Up and down the smooth, sensitive skin, licking and nibbling a little. A quick bite on her inner thigh, then back. Then I bring my hand up and start rubbing her mound from the top, while my tongue plunges into her, first short quick strokes, then longer ones, as deeply as I can go. My rubbing goes faster, as does her panting, I lick and suck, and kiss her pussy. I slip a couple of fingers from my other hand past my mouth, into her and then quickly out. I bring them down, and rub her asshole. Suddenly she explodes! Writhing back and forth, I can’t keep my mouth on her. She practically screams, “Ohh, Ohh, yes!” over and over. Then she is still. My god, she is magnificent!

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“Oh, you are pretty when you come!” I whispered to her. Then I pulled away for a moment. She watched me, panting slowly, as I removed my top and my bra, then I slid down the bed between her legs. I pushed her skirt up around her waist, then pulled off her panties. The hair on her cunt was dark and thick. It had been shaved back from her thighs so it wouldn’t show when she wore her high cut bathing suit. It was very pretty. Since I had started noticing, I hadn’t seen many pussies that weren’t.

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Her First Lesbian Sex
I reached down with my hand to the bottom of her skirt, and slowly moved back up her thigh underneath it. “Oh, please…” she whispered. I reached the top of her leg and started rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties. They were damp already, and I was just getting them damper by rubbing them into her pussy. I pushed them aside and reached a couple of fingers into her as I moved my mouth back to her lips. Ellen’s eyes grew wide as I started moving my fingers in and out of her pussy. Her kissing grew more intense and she moved her hands out of my hair. One moved down my back and rested on my ass. With the other hand she reached for my free hand and was holding it tightly. I increased my pace and felt an orgasm building. Soon she broke our kiss and let out a moan as her pussy clenched my fingers in orgasm.

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I broke away and took her by one hand. “C’mon pussy cat, let’s go to your bedroom and continue this.” I think that she was still confused about what we were doing. Lord knows that I was new at this seduction thing, but I also knew how badly I wanted her. Without another word we went to her room.Once there, I took her in my arms again and tumbled her onto the bed. I had to suck on those nipples. I started kissing her on her mouth, but I quickly started to move to her neck. I nibbled on the side of her neck for just a moment then lifted myself enough so I could skim down to her tits. Her nipples were erect and waiting for my mouth. As I began to suck on her right nipple, Ellen inhaled sharply, then let out her breath in one long slow sigh.I spent a few moments just playing with her breasts with my mouth. I kissed them, and flicked the nipples with my tongue. I sucked first on one nipple, and then on the other. I bit them gently, I bit them harder. Ellen’s hands were in my hair stroking it, playing with it. That purr was coming from her throat again.

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