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Her First Lesbian Threesome

Her First Lesbian
She laughed at that. Then she dropped her braid and moved her hand
right to my pussy, moving around more or less at random. “Does this
feel as nice to you as it does to me?” she asked. I moaned in
response. She started moving her hand with purpose then, back and
forth, in and out, slowly building up speed. She brought her mouth
down to my breasts. I felt the heat starting to build in my pussy,
then spread up into my belly and my breasts. I couldn’t keep my legs
still, as she increased her speed and moved further in to me. Then the
orgasm crested like a wave and I think I let out a little scream. My
pussy clenched on her fingers, and then I came again, and again, while
she kept it up. Finally I could take no more and grabbed her hand to
stop her.I pulled her down on top of me and held her for a long time
after that. Neither of us wanted to move much, just a little stroking.

Girls first kiss

Then the music changed tempo. Something slow came on. Ellen stopped,
and took a swig of wine. But I swayed over to her, still wanting to
dance. I put my hands on her waist and drew her back into the middle
of the room, keeping my eyes locked on hers. Soon, she started to
dance with me putting her hands on my shoulders. She didn’t seem ready
to break eye contact. As the dance continued, I pulled her closer. Our
hips met, swaying together to the slow beat. Our upper bodies came
slowly together, our tits pressing against each other. Finally, I
leaned forward, opened my mouth and started to kiss her.She kissed
back at first, maybe out of habit. Then suddenly she pulled back, and
half pulled out of my arms. “Kathy, no. We shouldn’t be doing this.
Why are we doing this?”

Lesbian Tease

“Alisa? You really look out of it.” Susanna said, rubbing her shoulder.
“You did breathe well when we swam, right?”
“Oh, sure.” Alisa reassured her.
“Muscle tension?” Susanna suggested.
“Yeah,” Alisa replied, “my legs.”
*Really?* Susanna thought. *Then maybe I can massage them. And then I’ll
know for sure if you’re really on the fritz because you’re thinking of me.
Heaven knows I’m thinking about you.*
“You know I give good massages.” Susanna suggested.
*Aw, no!* Alisa screamed in her mind. *Oh, shit. Why did I walk into that?*
“Well, I’m not sure, Susanna -”
“Get dressed and come on over.” Susanna said. “I’ve got free time today.”
Alisa took a deep breath as thoughts of being massaged, gave way to a
split-second thought of Susanna’s long, slender fingers working inside her
cunt. Now, her cunt lips were moist.

Sexy Pool Lesbo Games

“Cut that out!” Susanna laughed, pushing her playfully. “We’re in public.”
“No one can hear us.”
“I know, but still..” Susanna flashed an evil grin. “You’re right. The way
I work my boyfriend with my legs, I bet I could swim better with them..”
“Then let’s go!” Alisa suggested. She slid into the water, and waited
for Susanna.
Susanna slid in behind her, and they waded to the center of the shallow end.
Then, joining hands, they began swimming towards the deep end.
After a few goofups and mishaps, it worked, and they were able to swim the
length of the pool, while holding hands. Others looked and pointed at them
for a while, then went on with their own lives.

In the women’s locker room, Alisa and Susanna dried off, and got ready to
get dressed.
Alisa was 5’10”, blonde, with a well-built body and breasts with light
pink nipples. Susanna was 5’6″, with tan skin, light brown nipples, and with
a smooth, shaved crotch. Both were very shapely women, but Alisa seemed
to loom over Susanna, and as Susanna said to Alisa many times, she could
probably take much bigger cocks than Susanna..

Swimmers Convert Into Lesbos

Alisa and Susanna were excellent swimmers at their school, though they
preferred not to bother with competitions. Having been friends for years,
they did a lot together – swim, go to the movies, go looking for and
finding boyfriends, etc.

The two of them sat side by side, dangling their legs in the warm water,
one day, when Alisa came upon an idea.
“You know what?” she interrupted the temporary silence. “I have a new
idea for swimming. Here, take my hand.”
“What do you mean?” Susanna inquired. “I want to show you something.”
Alisa replied.
Susanna looked down and took Alisa’s hand. “Now,” Alisa said, raising her
hand, “suppose we could swim together, like this?”
“That’s wierd!” Susanna replied. “I’ve never tried that before.”
“Let’s give it a try.” Alisa suggested. “It could be fun.”
“How would we swim?”
“Use our legs.” Alisa answered, looking at Susanna as if she had no common
sense. “You know, like when we’re in bed with our boyfriends..”

Pregnant Firsttime Lesbian Sex

It started when I was in junior high school.

One day, as I was sitting in the back of the classroom during study
hall, I began to daydream about one of the older boys in the school.
Unconsciously, my hand drifted under my skirt, and my fingers were
lightly rubbing the edge of the elastic of my panties.

Vickie’s voice, from the seat behind me, was startling when she
whispered, “Oh, Barb, isn’t that lovely.”

“Shut up! Someone might hear you!”

“Don’t worry, No one is paying any attention.” Then Vickie’s hand was
suddenly under my skirt, feeling the location of my fingers. She
squeezed my hand, and her hand drifted slowly, gently upward. “Where
is it?” Continue reading Pregnant Firsttime Lesbian Sex

Drunk Lesbians

It had been a fairly interesting evening. Although I don’t
much go for bars of any description, I do like to play pool, and
on Wednesday night we had the pool tournament down at the Other
Place (silly name for a gay bar, but I’ve seen worse). For the past
several weeks, I had won easily, although there was much amazement
at my technique… I came an hour early, bought a pitcher of beer,
listened to music and drank. Then, just before the tournament, I
bought _another_ pitcher, played two practice games, and then I was
ready. Every week, the other entrants all looked for me to be an
easy mark with that much alcohol inside me. Continue reading Drunk Lesbians